Friday, April 19, 2013

A Star of David, the Original Symbol of 'As Above so Below'

The symbol of the Star of David also represents the famous rule - "As above as below". The world of matter is a mirror to the world of spirit. Everything that happens in the world of matter is preconceived in the world of spirit.

- About the Star of David, Yaly (

It seems rather odd about how all those thoroughly modern warlocks of neo-Paganism and witches of Wicca refuse to admit the blatantly obvious. For is it not obvious that the symbol that best represents the age-old Occult aphorism, 'As Above so Below' just so happens to be named after one of the most famous and influential Biblical Kings of Israel (King David as in the Star of David)? Deny it all you want, but the little Star of David just above the Eagle's head on the other side of the one dollar bill strongly indicates that the Pyramid to the left of it also has some connection to the double triangle geometric shape called the Star of David.

A careful glance at the 'Eye of the Pyramid' Ikon-Cube seen above shows that the general concept of 'As Above so Below' most definitely comes from an age-old Hebrew understanding of the six-pointed Hexagram as a su,bp; pf Heaven of Earth when they are asa oneHeavem and Earth combined into a singular entity known as that was then borrowed by others (Gentiles) simply that has nothing to do with anti-Christian Wicca or neo-Paganism and everything to do with the six-pointed Star of David,

 the original omIkonway to teach the concept oofasthe upper triangle which ties direct;u omtp tje added the symbolic meaning behind the Star of Davidshown below seem to be be

The likeness of what is Below is that which is Above, for everything is Above. What is Below is nothing but the imagination of those who are without knowledge.

- Odes of Solomon 34,

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