Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Cross, the Fish, and the Star of David are Authentic Judeo/Christian Symbols

The four symbols associated with Judeo-Christianity - the Cross, the Menorah, the Star of David and the Fish - have a holy origin. Despite the fact that all four of these symbols have been misused by evil people and perverted by Pagans, occultists, witches, Freemasons, and atheists, they still had their origin in holiness, and have a powerful message of Gospel truth to share with those who are not spiritually blind, deaf or dumb to Yahweh’s Spirit.

...It grieves my heart when well-meaning people of faith condemn various Judeo-Christian symbols like the Cross, the Fish, the Menorah, and the Star of David as Pagan or occultic symbols.

I say well-meaning because they have all been swayed by the misinformation on web sites and in books that claim that most of the symbols used by Jews and Christians today have a Pagan or occultic origin. Therefore, it’s no wonder that these people often see an imaginary demon lurking behind any and every symbol.

 - The Cross, Fish, Menorah, and Star of David as Divine Symbols, by Helena Lehman, Pillar-of-enoch.com

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