Monday, May 13, 2013

Judeo/Christian Quotables - Using the Term Judeo-Christian Perpetuates Anti-Semitism?!?!

Wasn't the Term 'Judeo-Christian' supposed to be Pro-Jewish and Pro-Judaism? If not , how it it anti-Semitic? One source believes that it is:

That Judeo-Christian values are somehow real and accepted by Jews and gentiles alike is another mythology that needs to be corrected. The truth of this matter is unquestionable - by accepting the premise of a “Judeo-Christian” state of beliefs and values as true, the press is perpetuating anti-Semitic/religious beliefs.

- The Judeo-Christian Mythology, December 1, 2012, by David Rosman, InkandVoice Communication

And Gentile solidarity with Jews is not Judeo-Christian? Then what is it? Pro-Judeo sentiments of Christians? God knows, but one thing remains clear, the Jew-haters do not like the term Judeo/Christian and want to abolish it. Remember that in the years, and decades, ahead...

God bless and Shalom.

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