The Tradition of Judaism

The Basic Facts of Judaism -

Name: Judaism
Founder: Moses
Establishment: 1,500 B.C..
Location: Mt. Sinai
Book: The Hebrew Bible
Doctrine: The Babylonian Talmud
Capital: Jerusalem
Worship: Synagogue
Sabbath: Saturday
Festivals: Hanukkah, Sukkot
Holidays: Passover, Day of Atonement
Sects: Orthodoxy, Conservative, Reform


The Posts of Judaism -

Introduction to the Good News Talmud

Part I.
Gospel/Talmudic Proof of the Judeo-Christian Tradition
Part II. Rabbi Joshua (Jesus) Knew Talmud
Part III. Discovering that the Talmud is Judeo-Christian
Part IV. In Tribute to St. Antoninus, the Holy Maccabee
Part V. The Judeo-Christian Messianic Age
Part VI. Rivalry and Similarity Betweeen the Talmud and the Gospels
Part VII. The Growing Internet Awareness of the Talmud
Part VIII. Christian Animosity of the Talmud
Part IX. The Wisdom of the West is Best
Part X. The Town and Country Animosities of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Part I. Quotations about Jews and Judaism
Part II. Ikons of the Talmud

The Ikons of Judaism

The Ten Commandments

The Temple of Jerusalem

The Talmud

The Star of David

President Obama at the Western Wall in Jerusalem