Sunday, April 7, 2013

Study the Talmud Christian Scholars, or You'll Never Persuade a Single Jew that Jesus Christ is LORD

All Catholic scholars should study the Talmud profusely both to understand Christ (the Hippie Carpenter Red-Neck Rabbi from Nazareth) and to intellectually defeat the Errors of Judaism within the Citadel of Academia. In short, we must re-win the Cold War.
Remember though, the Jews are neither evil or supernatural, but flesh and blood people with furry pet animals who love them too. This has been the case long before the wicked 4th son of Jacob (namely Judah) led his brothers to sell their youngest sibling Joseph into Slavery and it continues to be the case today, because the Jews are good people who deserve more than the Talmud, more than Judaism, more than an Error...
God bless and Shalom.

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