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The Judeo-Christian, Part III. Ancient Hebrew Magick and Witchkraft

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

- Ecclesiastes 12:13

The Judeo-Christian, Part III. Ancient Hebrew Magick and Witchkraft

In order to maintain law and order among the both the living and the dead, past Judeo-Christian eras went a little overboard in their condemnation, and even extermination of any magic and/or witchcraft. Indeed, throughout the first seven to eight centuries of Christianity, the more basic elements of the supernatural were an integral part of the Church and Christianity. The most powerful witches were nuns who never practiced evil magic, while the most proficient of wizards were either highly-educated priests or hermit monks who had achieved an unprecedented level of communion with God. Because of the plagues, famines, Islamic invasions that tore early Christian Civilization apart, the people (and most of the Church) has slowly forgotten about the magic, the mystery, and the enchantment of the Holy Ghost.

A Chart of the Four Judeo-Christian Elements

Element Magick Witchkraft




Back then the Angels of the Church had combined the best and most beneficial elements of Pagan magic with the ancient, yet very powerful, Judeo-Christian magic of the Holy Bible. Spells, incantations, blessings and cursings came straight out of the Holy Bible and were an integral and fairly harmless part of European Christendom. Neither volcanoes, nor earthquakes, nor hurricanes were ever successfully summoned, but the local thunder, lightning, wind and clouds were usually under the control of the nearest Archbishop (Father Thunder) and Convent Mother (Sister Lightning).

The Magic of Early Christianity

This all ended with the violent and bloody Muslim invasions, which threw the entire continent into the Dark Ages of scientific and spiritual ignorance and superstition, while the good, God-fearing aspects of Judeo-Christian magic were tragically lost to the new barbaric order of illiterate, monolingual, tribalistic warlords, starting around the 9th and 10th Century . The truly supernatural elements of Christianity were quickly forgotten and soon enough began to be considered demonic and evil. The Church's view of magic became hostile, superstitious, and more tyrannical than the ancient prophets and priests of Israel had ever been towards the magic and fun of the common people, and that includes Moses. However, the third millennium, along with the end of the Cold War, represents new hope in the future re-enchantment of Judeo-Christian civilization and a return to the supernatural powers of the Holy Ghost throughout the West. Some of these new traditions are called Hebrew Witchkraft (for females) and Hebrew Magick (for males) and are based upon sound Judeo-Christian principles such as the following:

Hebrew Magick & Witchkraft

= Blessings, rather than Cursings

= Mind Control, rather than Mind Loss

= Tolerance, rather than Hatred

= Enchantment, rather than Sorcery

= Ghost, rather than Spirit

= Mercy, rather than Justice

May the LORD God bless you in the name of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

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