Monday, October 22, 2012

A Ikonographic Look at the Papal Hexagram


AT TOP LEFT: A close-up picture of Pope Benedict XVI's Papal hat known as a mitre. The six-pointed hexagram located in the front of the head-piece appears to be a Seal of Solomon, rather than a Star of David. The Church has also tended to refer to most any hexagram as a Star of Creation, or Creator's Star. Historically however, only the Seal of Solomon had triangular lines which were interwoven (or interlaced) with one another.

AT TOP RIGHT: A side by side metaphorical modern history of the Jewish people. From the horrors of Nazi Germany in the 1940s to the founding of Israel in 1948, this 3,000 year journey of the Jewish people has yet to end. Once again, their enemies have been destroyed as they have moved onward and forward, in a noble effort to live on and prosper. The yellow star of David on the left side has the German word Jude (Jew in English) written in the center. Numerous forms of colored badges were used by the Nazis, but the six-pointed Stars of David identifying Jews have had the most historical repercussions so far- as in the slogan- 'Never again'. The blue Star of David on the right side is an exact replica, including the exact color, of the Davidic Star found upon the official, national flag of Israel. In Israel today, this symbol is nearly always referred to as a Magen David (Shield of David in English).

AT BOTTOM LEFT: These two black hexagrams in a all-white background are basic representations of a Star of David, seen on the left side, and a Seal of Solomon, seen on the right. A close enough examination between the two symbols clearly show the three-dimensional qualities of the Seal of Solomon on the right. This optical illusion of interwoven triangular lines occurs simply because of the way it has been drawn. Although the viewer may perceive depth when looking at the Seal, the reality remains that this symbol is just as flat as the Star of David pictured on the left.

AT BOTTOM RIGHT: A six-pointed hexagram carved upon one of the walls of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the official capital of the Roman Catholic Church. A specifically Christian hexagram is most commonly known as a Star of Creation, or Creator's Star. A close-up inspection of this symbol reveals that, just like the one on top of the Pope's head, this star also has the appearance of interwoven (or interlaced) triangular lines. Thus, the proper term for this particular hexagram would be the Seal of Solomon, rather than the Star of David, a term which the Israelis themselves never use.

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