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The Joshua Star, Part I. The Nazarene's Duel with Zeus/Jupiter Maximus, the King of Hell

Joshua (Jesus) did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

- John 21:25

The Cornerstone
-- The Joshua Star -- The Capstone

The Joshua Star, the Hexagram, the Star of David is both the Beginning and the End of both Time and Space, Earth and Heaven. This Davidic family coat-of-arms is the Cornerstone and the Capstone of the LORD God's Eternal Kingdom.

NOTE: The Joshua Star is a series of Judeo-Christian myths and legends describing what may have occurred after the death and resurrection of Rabbi Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ), the Nazarene. Many of them deal with historical truths and may help to explain the hidden dynamics behind many of the actual events which have occurred over the past 2,000 years of Christianity. This article, which deals with a legendary duel against Zeus/Jupiter, the king of the Greco-Roman gods is entitled Part I. The Nazarene's Duel with Zeus/Jupiter Maximus, the King of Hell

Rabbi Jesus Fights Zeus/Jupiter, the Pagan King of the ‘gods’ of Mt. Olympus
Now, with the conversion of Constantine to Christianity, Joshua (Jesus) and His forces achieved a victory that, at first, had seemed completely impossible. Zeus, however, still resided at Mount Olympus in Heaven and had yet to be vanquished. Soon enough, a message was sent to Jesus concerning a possible truce between the Greco-Roman gods and Himself. Formal communication had finally been established after centuries of intermittent warfare between the two groups. Talks broke down, however, when the discussion turned to Jerusalem and the eventual fate of the Holy Lands. Joshua (Jesus), of course, very much wanted to restore the city of Jerusalem to its former glory and to eventually move the capital of the world from Rome to the City of David as soon as it was possible. Zeus and his fellow gods refused this request, finding it to be completely unacceptable. Finally, a meeting was set up between them to resolve the dispute, scheduled to take place in northern Israel, commonly known as Gilead.

The Water

The exact location of this face-to-face encounter between Zeus and Rabbi Joshua (Jesus) was a huge, broad valley surrounded by forest. To ensure against any possible ambush, the Rabbi’s forces arrived early and hid themselves among the trees. In case of any trouble, they were instructed to set the trees on fire thereby preventing any possible escape by the enemy. To their surprise, Zeus arrived unarmed, followed by literally all the other Pagan gods who opposed Joshua (Jesus). They met each other in the middle of the clearing to discuss the terms of peace. Zeus stood nearly fifty feet tall, while Rabbi Joshua (Jesus), in comparison, was only about ten feet tall. The gods surrounded the both of them in a circle, waiting patiently for the outcome. It turned out that this so-called god, far from being a noble or regal individual, was actually a foul-mouthed ignoramus that had showed up simply to pick a fight with Joshua (Jesus). Far from sounding like some sort of king, Zeus seemed more like some escaped criminal from a race of extra-terrestrial giants, also known as cherubim, who’d somehow fooled numerous earthlings into thinking he was some kind of god.

The Fire

After questioning the legitimacy of His miraculous birth, Zeus mockingly suggested that his mother Mary was a whore and his real father was simply some anonymous Roman soldier who’d paid her money for her sexual services. Losing His temper, Jesus responded by challenging Zeus to a duel to the death. Thunder rolled across the valley as the two combatants battled each other. Having a significant size advantage, Zeus kept charging straight at Jesus hoping to seize Him and bite His head off or crush Him. To avoid this, the Rabbi would transform Himself into different animals, escaping Zeus’s grasp every time. Sometimes Joshua (Jesus) was a lion, or a wolf, who would taunt the Pagan god and bite at his legs and feet before scurrying away to avoid getting stomped on. Other times, he was an owl, a crow, or a hawk that would dive down to peck at Zeus’s face before veering off to safety.

The Earth

They attacked each other with bolts of lightning that filled the whole valley with dazzling light. The battle became an inferno of fire and lightning, with whirlwinds of intense heat swerving violently throughout the forest clearing, causing entire trees to be uprooted and thrown into the air like leaves on a windy day. Many times the battle seemed lost and, right when Zeus seemed to be closing in for the kill, Rabbi Joshua (Jesus) would barely escape with inches to spare. Eventually, Joshua (Jesus) caused the Pagan god to become completely exhausted. With his lungs heaving, Zeus called for a truce. The Rabbi, whose heart rate remained steady, insisted that He would only relent if the gods agreed to move the capital of the Empire to Jerusalem.

The Air

Rabbi Joshua (Jesus) Invokes the Name of the LORD
At this point, Zeus cursed Joshua (Jesus), claiming that the earth would perish and be destroyed by fire long before Jerusalem was ever named the capital of the world. In retaliation, Joshua (Jesus) did something that He had only done once before when He was still a child. The Nazarene deliberately pronounced the divine name of God. Years ago, His father Joseph, a very learned and affluent builder, had taken it upon himself to teach Jesus some preliminary lessons in Judaism. One of those lessons was concerning the second Commandment.

You shall not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the
LORD will not hold guiltless he that takes His name in vain.

- Exodus 20:7

First of all, everyone knows that the name the LORD God gave to Moses on top of the mountain was YHVH, or Yahveh, sometimes mispronounced Yahweh. Literally, it meant ‘I am what I am,’ or ‘I will be what I will be.’ Rather than this being God’s real name, the word YHVH is actually a sarcastic reply to Moses that His real name was none of the prophet’s business. The name was also a secret riddle that the prophets and the scribes have passed on from generation to generation through the oral tradition. Those who knew the answer also knew the real name of God. Joseph gave Jesus (Joshua) a few hints and then let Him ponder the puzzle for awhile. Being young and impulsive, Joshua (Jesus) inevitably blurted out the answer in front of his father Joseph. After being scolded gently, Joshua (Jesus) was told to never pronounce the secret, divine name of God, even when He was alone. Even then the thunder roared loudly in the distance to warn the young Nazarene of the dangers inherent in God's true name.

The Joshua Star

Years later, He broke the second Commandment yet again. Being a curious child with a sense of mischief, the young Joshua (Jesus) once more pronounced God’s name against His father’s wishes when He was playing out near a forest. He began to chant the name over and over again, laughing because nothing bad happened. Then He looked up directly at the sun and yelled out the secret name once more. This time something did happen. Almost instantly, clouds began to form around the sun and thunder sounded menacingly in the distance. Suddenly, Joshua (Jesus) found Himself being bombarded by lightning that was obviously trying to kill Him. He ran into the woods as the lightning struck the trees, igniting them on fire. He hid beneath the trees until the attack from Heaven subsided and then ran home to His family. Later that evening, He prayed to God, promising to never say the LORD’s name again out loud. In response to this silent prayer, thunder once again bellowed in the distance. It was no coincidence.

Joshua (Jesus) had learned an important lesson that day. He also learned something else. Lightning always seemed to strike out and hit the tallest available object, leaving anything much smaller or shorter alone. So, when Jesus started chanting God’s name in front of Zeus, the Pagan gods, who were much taller than the ten-foot Rabbi, all looked at Him with astonishment. Soon enough the thundered roared and the lightning began to fall like rain from Heaven. As expected, one of the lightning bolts struck Zeus right between the eyes on his forehead, causing the evil giant to fall down, perhaps dead.

David put his hand in his bag, and took a stone, and slung it, and
smited…Goliath [Zeus] in his forehead, that the stone sunk into
his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth.

- I Samuel 17:49

Immediately afterward, Joshua (Jesus) turned into a serpent and slithered away from the lightning, scurrying as deeply into the forest as possible. He then gave the signal to His followers to finally set the woods on fire. This caused havoc among the remaining gods who were also trying to seek shelter from God’s angry thunder and lightning. Many of them perished in the onslaught, while the rest scattered into the forest only to be burned up in the ensuing fire. Unable to escape and fly upwards to Heaven, they died, were later circumcised, and eventually became Christian children. Mt. Olympus fell to Joshua (Jesus) and His forces less than a month later, causing the old Pagan religions to collapse almost overnight and be replaced by the new faith called Christianity.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of the Joshua Star.

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