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Just like the Star of David, the Star of Mary is a Six-Pointed Hexagram

One of most little known facts when comes to actual Christianity, as it was practiced for centuries, happens to be that, just like the Star of David in Judaism, the Star of Mary in Christianity is also symbolized by a Hexagram. Readers should feel quite assured this isn't some modern ploy or conspiracy to promote the Six-Pointed Star, or to obscure its so-called dark, Occult past. Instead, it is a historical fact that, from the very beginning, a fairly prominent symbol of the Church, known as the Star of Mary or the Star of the Sea, has been represented by a hexagram. This can only mean those so-called Christians, who hysterically continue to yell and scream about the hexagram being a Satanic symbol which has never used by Christianity, are simply lying to themselves and to others (meaning everyone else unfortunate enough to listen) about the historical facts concerning the hexagram.

A 13th century Church in Asturias, Spain known as 'Iglesia de Santa María' (1270 A.D.)
These particular facts in question show quite clearly that when hexagrams were used to represent the Saints of the Church (David, Solomon, Mary, Jesus), they were seen by some of the earliest Christians as sacred and holy symbols of inherent goodness and were certainly not evil. Also, these early Christians probably knew full well about the dangers concerning the Occult and, in their eyes, the hexagram was neither dangerous nor a symbol of evil spiritual forces. Obviously, Christianity's deliberate choice of the hexagram as the official symbol designating Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, provides a strong indication that the Six-Pointed Star was, is, and will continue to be, a genuine Christian symbol which does not represent evil in any way, shape, or form. The evidence of history proves just the exact opposite- that the hexagram is a righteous symbol of both King David and his descendants, which include the Virgin Mary, as well as her Son Jesus Christ, 'the bright, Morning Star'.


The Six-Pointed Star of Mary Reference List

Marian star symbolisms generally come in...the Six-Pointed, which is in fact the star of David, is used to highlight Mary's role in salvation as helper...It symbolizes the restitution of the original harmony between God and humanity.

- Q: What is the origin of Mary's title: 'Star of the Sea'?,

Another classic title for the Virgin Mary is Stella Maris, or Star of the Sea...A Six-Pointed star is a reminder that Mary is from the line of David (as the Star of David has six points).

- Star of the Sea, by Jenny Schroedel and Reverend John Schroedel,

The feast of the Holy Name of Mary...originated in Spain and was approved by the Holy See in 1513; Innocent XI extended its observance to the whole Church in 1683...Symbols: Star of David, or Six-Pointed Star appropriate for this feast.
- Memorial of the Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Another example if a religious star tattoo is the Jewish Star of David...Roman Catholics regard the Six-Pointed Star as a representation of celestial bodies relating to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

- Star Tattoos,

Mary is the Divine Mother archetype...Her signs and symbols are the Rose and Chalice, the Six Pointed Star and the element of water

- The Virgin Mother Mary,

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