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The Judeo-Christian, Part II. The Left and Right Hands of American Political Reality

Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

- Ecclesiastes 12:13

Part II. The Left and Right Hands of American Political Reality

In actual political reality, the colors red, white and blue have represented Protestant Christian democracy (Freemasonry) as seen in the flags of Great Britain, France, the United States, and Australia, while the colors red, white and green represented Roman Catholic democracy (Society of Jesus) as in the flags of Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

Knights Hospitallier ------- The Republic of France ------- The Nation of Italy

The Knights of St. John ----> A Protestant Republic -----> A Catholic Democracy

Unlike the past 200-300 years when Catholics and Protestants were basically still at war with one another, these distinctions no longer seem to matter as much as the dichotomy found between the political Left, symbolized by the color red, and the political Right, symbolized by the color blue or green. The current patterns of thought that distinguish these two main strands of political reality, especially in this country, can be grouped together in the following manner:

Field of Thought
Left-Ism (Red)
Right-Ism (Blue)
Policy Liberalism Conservatism
Government Globalism Nationalism
Economics Socialism Capitalism
Warfare Pacifism Patriotism
Culture Multiculturalism Pluralism
Society Modernism Traditionalism
God Atheism Monotheism
Religion Paganism Judeo-Christian-Islam
Christianity Ecumenism Fundamentalism
Philosophy Nihilism Pragmatism
Morality Relativism
Ethics Utilitarianism Dualism
Outlook Existentialism
Identity Collectivism

The Eye of the Pyramid Upside-Down is the Cornerstone of the LORD our God

As can be seen, many of the basic differences in political doctrine between the Left and the Right cannot, and will not, be reconciled. Year after year, the Right appears to be more and more in favor of Christianity, while the Left is tragically becoming more hostile towards traditional religion. Indeed, in the eyes of some God-fearing Jews and Christians, modern liberalism seems to be showing its true Canaanite colors as a front for the religion of Greco-Roman Paganism while the vampire 'gods' of Mt. Olympus loom in the distance. Some on the Left are quick to contend that Paganism is the only, true universal brotherhood of all men, while the Judeo-Christian tradition has always been inherently racist. Nonetheless, and as history clearly shows, from Egypt to Rome, from Pharaoh to Caesar, the religion of Paganism always degenerates into an 'Evil Empire'. Each and every time that moderate, Hebrew monotheism (Abel) has been either obliterated or enslaved, both civil society and private, natural, communal spirituality withers and dies and is replaced by a ruthless military Empire (Cain) maintained by a brutal slave-based economy and inevitably ruled by an elite class of sexual perverts, con-men, and violent criminals who serve as their henchmen and bodyguards.

This is especially true in the United States of America where, since the late 1960s, hard-working, culturally conservative Democrats and wealthy, economically liberal Republicans are fast becoming anachronisms. All the while, the spooky laughter and obscene sexual exploits of past Pharaohs and Greco-Roman Emperors and their lovers echo throughout the politics of 21st century America as today's push towards 'Gay marriage' continues to succeed. Thankfully, the truly sacred example of the Obama family's deeply-held, patently Judeo-Christian traditions and personal behavior have given the God-fearing people throughout Africa, and throughout the world, a new hope that Hebrew monotheism will not fail. As the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides wrote nearly 1,000 years ago:

What did they do in Egypt in those days (the time of Moses)? A man would marry another man, or a woman two men...

Ominously, American politics may be slowly polarizing along religious lines, with the Republicans becoming more Christian (perhaps Racist) and the Democrats becoming more Pagan (perhaps shamelessly Perverted) with each passing year. At the same time, President Barak Obama, the so-called 'anti-Christ', turns out to be a righteous example of a man, like the Biblical Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, who sincerely loves and takes care of his family, and his country, while more than a few hypocritical Republicans continue in their blue-belled, spring-time fornication rituals. The relevant issues that define current American political reality can be listed as follows:

The U.S. Political IssuesRed Left
Blue Right
Political Party
Inheritance Taxes
Approve Oppose
Euthanasia Approve Oppose
Gun Control
Approve Oppose
No-Fault Divorce
Approve Oppose
Gay and Lesbian Marriage
Approve Oppose
Affirmative Action
Approve Oppose
Sex Education
Approve Oppose
Global Warming Regulation
Approve Oppose
Public Funding for PBS
Approve Oppose
Support for United Nations
Approve Oppose
Teaching Darwinian Evolution
Approve Oppose
School Prayer
Oppose Approve
School Vouchers
Oppose Approve
New Oil Drilling in Alaska
Oppose Approve
Military Spending Increases
Oppose Approve
Death Penalty
Oppose Approve
Nuclear Power
Oppose Approve

The recent influx of Hispanics onto the American political scene may change these polarizing tendencies. They are politically liberal, but culturally conservative. They support high taxes for the rich due to their traditional Catholic loathing of usury, but vehemently oppose same-sex marriage. They approve of school choice so that they can send their own children to a premier Catholic school, but also want to raise the minimum wage through government mandate. They represent a unique, political voting bloc destined to become more powerful as they increase in population. The enduring statement of Barak Obama's excellent example as a caring husband and father of a good African-American, south-side Chicago family in the White House has pleased many Judeo-Christian religious believers who were truly horrified by the openly, anti-Christian sexual decadence of the Clintons from Arkansas. Neither the Christian Right or the Pagan Left will dominate American politics anytime soon, but their influence can still be seen in today’s issues and will continue to be seen in tomorrow’s political reality.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Obama in 2012!!! God save the Queen!!!!!!!

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