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Judeo-Christian - The Greatest Enemy of the Judeo-Christian Tradition is Freemasonry

Fear God and keep His Commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

- Ecclesiastes 12:13

- The Judeo-Christian Tradition -

The Greatest Enemy of the Judeo-Christian Tradition is Freemasonry

The U. S. is NOT the Most Christian Nation in the World

The United States is said by many different interests to be the ‘most Christian nation’ in the world. In reality, the most Christian nation in the world is none other than Vatican City, the independent, capital nation of the Roman Catholic Church, which is 100% Christian and completely Roman Catholic.

The faithful who enroll in masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive holy communion.... In an audience... the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II approved and ordered the publication of this declaration...

- Official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict VXI)

In addition to this, there are apparently several other countries with a much higher percentage of Christians than the United States of America. Consider the following statistics taken from The Top 10 of Everything, by Russell Ash, as well as other sources:

Major Denomination
Mexico 99%
Roman Catholic
France 98%
Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
Ireland 93%
Roman Catholic
Philippines 93%
Roman Catholic
Brazil 93% Roman Catholic
Italy 90% Roman Catholic
Great Britain
United States
85% Protestant

Some Christian critics of Freemasonry, usually evangelical Christians, claim that Freemasonry involves the worship of Satan.

- Christianity and Freemasonry, Wikipedia

With this in mind, those Americans who continue to believe that they live in the most Christian nation in the world are woefully misinformed and, in the end, dead wrong about their nation and its current status when it comes to the religion of Christianity.

The Church
The Official Christian Doctrine
Presbyterian Church of America, 1988 No one shall be received into membership into a (Presbyterian) church who is a member of a Masonic light of the clear statement of incompatibility of Freemasonry with Biblical Christianity.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church The evidence presented concerning the religion of Masonry permits but one conclusion... that Masonry is a religious institution and as such is definitely anti-Christian... membership in the Masonic fraternity is inconsistent with Christianity.
Christian Reformed Church of America, 1974 Membership in the lodge and in the church of Jesus Christ involves a double commitment which our Lord himself does not tolerate. Those in the church who affiliate with the Lodge must be shown the error of their way, and if they refuse to repent must be placed under the censure of the Church.
Church of Scotland, 1965 In our view total obedience to Christ precludes joining...the Masonic movement which seems to demand a wholehearted allegiance to itself, and at the same time refuses to divulge all that is involved in that allegiance... The initiate is required to commit himself to Masonry in a way that a Christian only should commit himself to Christ.

Free Church of Scotland In the minds of the committee, according to their interpretations of the Scriptures, membership of Freemasonry... is inconsistent with a profession of the Christian faith.
Baptist Church of Scotland (Great Britain and Ireland), 1987 The clear conclusion we have reached from our inquiry is that there is an inherent incompatibility between Freemasonry and the Christian faith.
Anglican Church of England, 1987 There are a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity.
Russian Orthodox Church The Church does not worship the god that is worshipped in Masonic temples... Masonry is a spiritual disease and is a rival of the Church...It declares that it is not a religion and yet claims to be religious... Since Masonry rejects the divinity of Jesus Christ and places Him on an equal level with founders of other religions, every Christian should stop and realise the implications of Masonry to his Christian faith.
Methodist Church of England, 1985 There is a great danger that the Christian who becomes a Freemason will find himself compromising his Christian beliefs or his allegiance to Christ, perhaps without realizing what he is doing.
Lutheran Church, 1958 Masonry is guilty of idolatry. Its worship and prayers are idol worship. The Masons may not with their hands...but they created one with their own mind and reason out of purely human thoughts and ideas. The latter is an idol no less than the former.
Roman Catholic Church, 1985 The principles and basic rituals of Masonry embody a naturalistic religion, active participation in which is incompatible with Christian faith and practice. Those who knowingly embrace such principles are committing serious sin... In depth research on the ritual and on the Masonic mentality makes it clear that it is impossible to belong to the Catholic Church and to Freemasonry at the same time.

Against the Freemasons
Conspiracy theories aside, it is a well-known fact, accepted by literally all intellectuals, that the Freemasons have been a mainly Protestant Christian phenomenon since its inception in Great Britain sometime during the 17th century. Countless Roman Catholic scholars, as well as a growing number of Evangelical Protestants, would also contend there is substantial evidence that Freemasonry has been, at times, a violently anti-Catholic brotherhood which has plotted against both Church and King on numerous occasions. Furthermore, they have claimed to be a ‘Christian’ organization whenever it suits them and then have also denied this whenever they have found it convenient to do so.

The principles and basic rituals of Masonry embody a naturalistic religion, active participation in which is incompatible with Christian faith and practice.

- Bishops' Committee on Pastoral Research, 1980s

Seen as a whole, Freemasonry is little more than a nepotistic, elitist secret society reserved for the rich and the powerful that has never been ‘Christian ‘, but Pagan, and even Satanic, in its practices. Numerous historical sources have shown that the French Revolution, and its murderous, anti-Christian aftermath, to have been devised and organized by vile, bigoted, atheist individuals all of whom were Freemasons. In stark contrast, the Roman Catholic Church has been to shown to consistently oppose violent revolutions against the established monarchy and to quietly, but resolutely, oppose both the stated and unstated aims of Freemasonry throughout the past few centuries. The current situation, as it stands today, can be seen quite clearly in the following statement:

On March 1 2007, Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, the regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary made a statement that membership of Masonic organizations "remains forbidden" to Catholics, and called on priests who had declared themselves to be Freemasons to be disciplined by their direct superiors.

Like it or not, the 21st century represents a monumental step forward in the history of mankind. In particular, it marks the beginning of what has been called the New Age of Christianity, the third millennium. The vague and mysterious predictions of Freemasonry concerning a global New World Order of peace and prosperity to be shared by all men throughout the world may well have met its match in the Roman Catholic Church’s continued opposition to many of its past and present policies. Remember, the Freemasons, who are still predominantly white, upper-class, and anti-Catholic do not represent the interests of a Church that is increasingly Hispanic, African and Asian in numbers. This is not to say that the international brotherhood of Freemasonry is completely racist. Indeed, history does show that numerous Freemasons, especially the British, have been somewhat color-blind in practice and even quite generous in their approach to darker-skinned, non-Western peoples.

Today, the spirit of multi-ethnic brotherhood can be seen, specifically, in the successful racial integration of the U.S. Armed Forces. The best of Freemasonry is also on display in the United States’ treatment of their defeated enemies in both Europe and Asia after World War II, where white Germany and its European victims were never favored over Pagan Japan and its Asian victims. Indeed, the American Freemasons poured billions of dollars to rebuild and renew these nations only to have both of these countries become fierce, international business competitors just a few decades later.

It is evident, however, that even in this restricted sense of "unsectarian" Christianity, Freemasonry is not a Christian institution, as it acknowledges many pre-Christian models and teachers of "Humanity"...Freemasonry, therefore, is opposed not only to Catholicism and Christianity, but also to the whole system of supernatural truth.

- Catholic Encyclopedia

Some God-fearing, Christian Freemasons, especially the British, may rightly accuse the Roman Catholic Church of jealousy and envy concerning the unbelievable success of their independent Christian (Protestant) tradition throughout the known world. Some of that may well be true. However, the Church’s real concern about the third millennium that lies ahead is the remarkable loss of Christianity, especially traditional Christianity, among the English-speaking intellectual elite. Unfortunately, evangelism is no longer the guiding light behind the mainly Anglo-Saxon drive to bring the world together into a single entity, money is. Money and power have replaced the God-fearing ambition to persuade all peoples and nations to accept Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior.

He who dies with the most money, wins…

- A popular poster among white, upper class, College-educated males

As the actual membership of today's Freemasonry clearly shows, the organization is still dominated by these same white, upper-class males, many of whom are non-Christians. This is in direct opposition to the growing number of non-white Christians that can be found throughout Asia, Africa, Latin and South America. Because the future belongs to those who reproduce themselves, God-fearing Jews and Christians everywhere should feel assured that, no matter how much power and anti-Christian success Freemasonry is able to achieve today, the future belongs to Christianity, regardless of its increasingly darker skin-color.

May the LORD God bless you in the name of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

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