Friday, May 17, 2013

Elemental Quotables / John Dee's Four Elements as Four Separate Lines in Four Different Directions


The Elements being far from their accustomed places, the homogeneous parts are dislocated, and this a man learns by experiment, for it is along the straight lines that they return naturally and effectively to these same places. Therefore, it will not be absurd to represent the mystery of the Four Elements, in which it is possible to resolve each one into elementary form, by four straight lines running in four contrary directions from one common and indivisible point. Here you will notice particularly that the geometricians teach that a line is produced by the displacement of a point: we give notice that it must be the same here, and for a similar reason, because our elementary lines are produced by a continual cascade of droplets as a flux in the mechanism of our magic.

- Monas Hieroglyphica, by John Dee (1564 A.D.) 'THE HIEROGLYPHIC MONAD',


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