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A Pictorial of 'As Above so Below' Biblical References to the Sheol









'As Above So Below' Bible References to the Sheol

The LORD kills and makes alive. He brings Down to Sheol and raises Up.

- 1 Samuel 2:6

When a cloud vanishes it is gone, so he who goes Down to Sheol does not come Up.

- Job 7:9

They are High as the Heavens, what can you do? Deeper than the Sheol, what can you know?

- Job 11:8

O LORD, You have brought Up my soul from Sheol. You have kept me alive, so that I would not go Down to the Pit.

- Psalm 30:3

If I ascend to Heaven, You are there. If I make my bed in Sheol, behold, You are there.

- Psalm 139:8

The path of life leads Upward for the wise so that he may keep away from the Sheol Below.

- Proverbs 15:24

Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God, make it Deep as Sheol or High as Heaven.

- Isaiah 7:11

Though they dig Deep into Sheol, from there will My hand take them. And though they Ascend into Heaven, from there will I bring them Down.

- Amos 9:2

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