Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Judeo/Christian Tradition's Seven Fathers and Seven Men of God

To ever understand the Judeo/Christian Tradition one must finally realize the ultimate, quintessential truth concerning this unique, impossibly successful tradition. In short, one must willingly choose to actually believe that one particular god (LORD God of Israel) of one particular people (12 Tribes of Israel) from one particular region in the world (Israel) is, in fact, the one, true God of all Mankind. This basic reality  may seem inexplicable to some, but the evidence strongly suggests that history appears to favor the God of the Jews over all the other deities who have ever existed. Even ignoring the world-wide dominance of Christianity and Islam (both derived from Judaism), history still shows that  Judaism, the Jews, and the eternal nation of Israel has so far outlasted all the Pharaohs, Emperors, Caesars, and even Hitlers, the Devil has thrown their way, angrily hoping they might stumble. Yet, the fact remains that those who worship this God of the Old Testament, who also happens to be the God of the New Testament (and the Koran) have not stumbled and have yet to ever really fall down. Regardless of those who try and deny it, the religion of Judaism continues to thrive and prosper, nearly two thousand years after Rabbi Jesus first began to reveal to the Gentiles the benefits of accepting a mere Jewish carpenter from Nazareth as the one and only Son of the one and only God of all mankind.

The Seven Judeo/Christian Fathers
1. Adam
2. Noah
3. Shem
4. Job
5. Abraham
6. Isaac
7. Jacob


The Seven Judeo/Christian Men of God
1. Kohath
2. Amram
3. Moses
4. Aaron
5. Eldad
6. Medad
7. Hur

Next to the Temple in its magnificence, it is the throne of Solomon that perpetuates the name and fame of the wise king...The throne was covered with fine gold...On the arms to the right were the images of the seven patriarchs of the world, Adam, Noah, Shem, Job, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and on the arms to the left, the images of the seven pious men of the world, Kohath, Amram, Moses, Aaron, Eldad, Medad, and the prophet Hur.

- Legends of the Jews, By Louis Ginzberg, About.com

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