Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To be a Catholic (and not a 'Christian') is to Fight the Good Fight against Ignorance and Hatred

...and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

- Jesus Christ describing Saint Peter's role in his future Church

What you are about to read below are the very real words of very real hate sites, all of whom happen to be English-speaking Protestant 'Christian' in terms of their outlook. As a Catholic child I never understood the concept that the Jews had already distilled into two simple words, yet as an adult I am just now beginning to grasp exactly what they mean:

Never Again....

- Jewish Slogan about the Nazi Holocaust (1939-1945)

Niceties aside, it means if the wrong people are ever allowed to take power and control in this nation, or any nation for that matter, then the Holocaust may well be re-newed and include even larger numbers of people destined for extermination. No matter what the multi-national Search Engine Corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others try to claim, they really are blindly and blatantly promoting hatred every millisecond they provide such unbelievable front-page access to some of the most deranged Jew-hating and Catholic-hating Christians in the world. Their supposedly monitored and censored 'key word and phrase' searches always seem to feature the exact same Protestant Christian Hate Sites every single time they are used. Some of the top 'Christian' haters include the following:

GLORYBOUND.NET: 'The Roman Catholic Mass is a satanic mockery of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world!'

GALATIANSFOUR.BLOGSPOT.COM: 'Satan’s Masterpiece: The Catholic Mass is Witchcraft...one of Satan's most masterful tricks is the Catholic Mass.'   

JESUS-IS-LORD.COM #1: 'For in the Roman Catholic mass, Satan himself has introduced unto the ends of the earth...'   
JESUS-IS-LORD.COM #2: 'The Mass is Blasphemy...Jesus died ONE TIME for the sins of the whole world. Not MANY times as in the Roman mass.'

JESUS-IS-SAVIOR.COM #1: 'The Satanic Eucharist...'  
JESUS-IS-SAVIOR.COM #2: 'Satanism In The Vatican!...The Devil is the leader of Roman Catholicism. ... It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel'

CUTTINGEDGE.ORG #1: 'Is Animal Sacrifice to become part of Roman Mass?...Rome continues to incorporate forbidden Satanic doctrines and rights in her Church'   
CUTTINGEDGE.ORG #2:  'The Roman Catholic Church touts the Mass as a precious ceremony, but the truth is...In this battle, Satan will be allowed to achieve a temporary victory over Jesus Christ.'
CUTTINGEDGE.ORG #3: 'The Mass Insults Jesus Christ...Satan achieved his prophetic..'

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